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I’m back (and go hiking at Kullaberg nature reserve)!

My goodness, it’s been forever since I wrote a blog for you! Lot’s and lot’s of stuff has been going on, a lot has changed for me in regards to photography in the last couple of years! I have unfortunately lacked motivation to keep up with the blog, but my love for photography has only increased and I think it’s only fair that I share some of that with you. So expect there to be a substantial increase in activity around here from now on! I have several pieces about photography, tips & tricks and inspiration heading your way soon!!

To start of, I wanted to share some pictures of a national park I went to recently. It’s located by the fishing village of Mölle, on the tip of a peninsula in north west Skåne, in south Sweden. The park streches up to a lighthouse on the very top, right on the cliffside! From up there you get a wide-streched view of the surrounding landscape, and some really dramatic cliffs on the side of the park itself.

I had quite the day when I visited the park, and it’s lighthouse. It was freezing temperature, but I left my gloves on the bus, and nearly lost my fingers trying to photograph on the very windy cliffs! I had also planned my hike a little poorly; I didn’t realise how long it would take me to hike to the top (almost 1.5 hrs, because of shooting b-roll, but more on that later), so I missed sunrise. I was quite annoyed about it, because the light was really really nice to, with a sky that glowed in pinks and blues! But I was determined to get away with something, especially since it was quite a bit of work getting up there in the first place! And when it comes to landscape photography, anything can, and do, happen.

A little “mini lighthouse” right on the cliffs. Kullaberg nature reserve.
Canon EOS R 24mm 8 sek F/16
Dramatic cliffs with “age lines” Kullaberg nature reserve.

EOS R 24mm 8 sek F/11

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