Juicy spelt bread with dried fruit & nuts!

I have not photographed food for a while, other than the odd “food porn” for Instagram 😉  I tend to photograph food in a studio setting, with either a flash + soft-box or just natural light with some reflectors. This shoot was set up in natural window light and I used some canvases to bounce the light.

I absolutely love healthy & weird food, I am always on the lookout for good recipes! I found one of a spelt (svenska: dinkel) bread with lots of dried fruit and nuts, and after I made it I knew it just had to be photographed! 😛 And OH MY it tastes really good as well! A warm slice with some of my home made butter (I’ll probably photograph that as well, at some point!) was like heaven! The apricots in this bread made it very juicy and also quite sweet, and the nuts gave it a good crunch. You can find the recipe here: Dinkelbröd med frukt & nötter It is in swedish, but I’m sure you can just let google translate it for you, or head over to my favourite hangout Pinterest for other tasty recipes!


Fresh-organic-bread Fresh-organic-spelt-bread Home-made-spelt-bread

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