Ramlosa gardens in winter garb [Ramlösa Brunnspark i vinterskrud]

Happy New Year! Hope your holiday celebrations were satisfactory <3 I had a very quiet & peaceful Christmas, but I did definitely miss the snow, because there was not one flake of the white stuff on the ground! In fact, I think it was about 8+ degrees. And I supposedly live in Sweden…?! Well, in the last few days plenty of snow has fallen, so today me & the hubby took a long walk with the cameras, yay!

If you recognize the name “Ramlösa” it’s probably because you have had a bottle of the mineral water with the same name. The water was originally sourced here, from underground wells. People began drinking and bathing in the Ramlösa water several hundred years ago, when it’s healthy effects became widely known. It was believed to cure all sorts of illnesses from scurvy to jaundice and kidney stones (!). Today the historical buildings scattered around the park have been listed as landmarks, and are mostly used to house offices and flats.

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