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Do you remember the Christmas calender show “The Mystery at Greveholm” (Mysteriet på Greveholm)?  It was the 1996 version of a long standing Swedish tradition, and it was actually set at the castle of Hjularöd in south Sweden. In the mid 90’s I was in my late teens, and therefore not particularly interested in the TV-calender that year. I think I managed to watch a couple of episodes though! OK, so if you’re not Swedish, I wouldn’t think you know about this popular Swedish Christmas tradition. It is a TV show that is made new every year, along side other advent celebrations, as a count down to Christmas.

The “Mystery at Greveholm” was about a family who accidentally ended up staying in a haunted castle for the holidays, and thus encountered many mysterious events involving counts, ghosts & scary ghouls. [Source:]mysteriet_pa_greveholm_2_disc

I am a member of a small local photo-club, and this summer we visited a great number of castles, estates and historic towns. So many, that I have in fact lost count of exactly how many I visited! One of the days we went to photograph Greveholm, or Hjularöd as it is actually called. The castle itself is French medieval inspired romantic thing, that looks just like it came directly from a children’s storybook about kings & queens, complete with it’s own mote and draw bridge. The castle was built in the 1800’s, but the estate has history that dates back to the 1300’s.

Hjularöd castle, Harlösa. © Sophie McAulay
Hjularöd castle, Harlösa. © Sophie McAulay


Hjularöd castle, Harlösa. © Sophie McAulay

Isn’t it just SO romantic looking?! And I would love to have those beautiful deer standing in my own garden! Might have to get me a castle though, they would probably look out of place in my tiny back garden! 🙂

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