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Stock Photography: My top 15!

For eight years I´ve been doing stock photography! I started sending my photos to picture agencies and hoped for a sale or two, and now it’s been an incredible eight years?!

So, eight years. That’s quite long, I guess?! I have learned a lot about photography and editing in this time, but I think there is always more to learn, especially when it comes to something so creative and individual. In stock it is important to be creative, and to stand out. There is always a demand for new types of images, depending on what’s popular. I tend to do my own thing, but sure, among the thousands of images I have submitted over the years, a few are, well.. Not so good 😛 or not as good as I would like them to be!

In these eight years a few of my photos have been sold more than others. Some, I am lucky enough to call my favourites; others are just plain surprising! But all in all, they give a good idea of how diversified the business (and my portfolio) of stock photography is.

Rome and the river tiber at dusk

Rubber boots


Inside Manavgat mosque

Purple Heather

Hagia Sophia Istanbul

Gulf of Thailand Sunset

Pyramids of Egypt

Giza pyramids in Cairo Egypt

Garden seating area

Vegetable & fruit market stall

Blue mosque interior

Balcony flower box

Delicious home made apple crumble


If you are interested in seeing more of my portfolio of stock images, have a peek here, here, or here 🙂

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