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They are made from wood, iron, copper, stone, glass..and I love them! ♥ They can say something about the building to which they belong. I am a complete sucker for doors and windows alike, and always make a point of snapping a few photos of some wherever I go. But today I’m just going to show you some of the many doors I have photographed. What do I love about them? They come in so many shapes and forms, and can speak volumes about who lives on the other side – or what the building is used for, if it’s a public building. Who or what is on the other side? Who looks after this door, and this building? Is it looked after at all? Is there even a building at all??  I’ve seen a few doors without actual buildings attached to them, you would think that’s not possible, but it really is! There are many reasons why I get intrigued by something so common as a door..because who wouldn’t want to know what happened to the building?!


1) Hagia Sophia mosque/church/museum in Istanbul, Turkey.Hagia Sophia metal door

2) Riga, Latvia.



3) Rethymnon, Greece & Istanbul, Turkey.

Weathered old door


4) Landskrona, Sweden & Crete, Greece.

Old dirty door


5) Fira, Santorini. (No house!!!)

Fira, Santorini


6) Chania, Greece.



7) Istanbul, Turkey.



8) Greece & Istanbul, Turkey.

Bright blue door


9) Chania, Greece & Istanbul, Turkey.

Old door


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