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Back from the land of..

…to photograph a kitten, a very fast kitten!

I’ve been somewhat invisible from here for quite some time. Now I think I’m back! Time to recap the shoots from this past year and to start of I’m posting today about the joy of photographing a kitten. Meet Ragnar (my husband really likes the the History Channels “Vikings”), the Viking cat. OK, so he is not an actual Viking, but merely a gorgeous ginger kitty acquired from a friend who’s two cats decided to litter at the same time.

A new kitty in the house means taking photos, which is great! Except cats are notoriously difficult to take pictures of.  Well, the ones who live in this house anyhow. They either sleep under a blanket or curled up in a ball, so their cute faces are hidden, or.. run around very fast and usually in the general direction which happens to be away from you. But, as Ragnar is still a kitten (or at least he was when these photos were taken), he aims to please (because this gets him treats and cuddles), so a couple of good pics stuck to my memory card, after all. All though it was touch and go there for a while, he was indeed faster than the external flash on several occasions! 😛

 ragnar 2015_01_blogg

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