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South Turkey

If one is to summarize Turkey into one word, it would have to be: COLOUR. Colourful people, skies, knick-knacks and mosques dominate what I think about when I think about Turkey. So far I have been there twice, and I will certainly go back! It kind of grows on you…I mean; those cute cats everywhere (I love cats :), beautiful mosques and ancient buildings (I LOUUVVEEE buildings), and oh my gosh: the food is fan-fantastic! Is that enough adjectives for you? No?? How about intriguing smells, people who talk very fast in order to make a sale, hot Mediterranean water, trees with delicious olives, pomegranates, lemons and…and… and…

The main thing I don’t much appreciate about Turkey so far…their public toilets leaves something to be desired…in terms of cleanliness mainly 😉 I even thought about photographing some of them, but I figured that wouldn’t really get You to come back to my blog again he he 😛

Here is a first taste of some of the 850 photos taken during the week (would have been more but pool and beach-time was mandatory!).



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