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Things that appear by accident in your photographs..

Castles for birds Sometimes photographs capture things you didn’t know existed, small details in a landscape or on a building that you missed when you were too busy looking through the viewfinder for the perfect composition. This happened to me when I went to…

17 March, 2013

Travel photography and documentation

I photograph a lot of different things when I visit new places; anything from the local people, historical sites, buildings and well…pretty much anything you can think of! I often reflect on why I have chosen to photograph a particular thing, was it because…

12 December, 2012
Blogposts Turkiet

South Turkey

If one is to summarize Turkey into one word, it would have to be: COLOUR. Colourful people, skies, knick-knacks and mosques dominate what I think about when I think about Turkey. So far I have been there twice, and I will certainly go back!…

18 September, 2012

Istanbul minnen

Aya İrini Kilisesi – Hagia Irene Som den “kyrkofil” jag är (är ju faktiskt arkeolog också, inte bara fotograf, tänka sig!) så var det naturligtvis moskéernas dramatiska siluetter som drog mig mot Turkiets grandiosa stad en kall vårvecka 2011. Ja, nu sa jag ju…

25 July, 2012