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New on ETSY!

Are you looking for cute Christmas cards you can print yourself, or prints to give as gift this holiday? The prints are super easy to order and makes a fantastic personal gift! Have an idea for a print you would like? It’s always possible…

24 November, 2015

Web page changes & brand new logo!

As you might have noticed, I have been making some well needed changes to this page lately! I apologize if that means that the page has been slow to load, or if some functions are still missing. I will also be adding some more…

10 November, 2015

The TV castle

Do you remember the Christmas calender show “The Mystery at Greveholm” (Mysteriet på Greveholm)?  It was the 1996 version of a long standing Swedish tradition, and it was actually set at the castle of Hjularöd in south Sweden. In the mid 90’s I was…

10 November, 2015

How to buy prints on Fine Art America?

Per request comes a tutorial on how to buy my prints on Fine Art America! “FAA” is a print-on-demand site, where thousands of photographers & artists showcase their art, and sell their prints. The prints are shipped directly from FAA:s printer to the customer,…

24 October, 2015

Waiting for snow?

I am a great believer in seasons. I like it when a season has it’s corresponding weather, so right now it should really be winter, at least in the northern hemisphere!? But where is it? We are going towards the end of January and…

17 January, 2015

Enter at own risk!

Doors. They are made from wood, iron, copper, stone, glass..and I love them! ♥ They can say something about the building to which they belong. I am a complete sucker for doors and windows alike, and always make a point of snapping a few…

12 January, 2015
Blogposts stock photography

Stock Photography: My top 15!

For eight years I´ve been doing stock photography! I started sending my photos to picture agencies and hoped for a sale or two, and now it’s been an incredible eight years?! So, eight years. That’s quite long, I guess?! I have learned a lot…

11 January, 2015
Blogposts cats

Back from the land of..

…to photograph a kitten, a very fast kitten! I’ve been somewhat invisible from here for quite some time. Now I think I’m back! Time to recap the shoots from this past year and to start of I’m posting today about the joy of photographing…

6 January, 2015

Things that appear by accident in your photographs..

Castles for birds Sometimes photographs capture things you didn’t know existed, small details in a landscape or on a building that you missed when you were too busy looking through the viewfinder for the perfect composition. This happened to me when I went to…

17 March, 2013

Moody landscape

As spring is arriving in a fast pace, I suppose I should be mooning over images of budding flowers, gardening…? But going through some old photos (as one does from time to time!) I felt inspired to do some moody landscapes. I do not…

7 March, 2013