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Santorini old friend – travel photography in Greece

Santorini island in the Aegean cluster of Greece, is an absolute favourite destination. Of my husbands! He talks about our trips there often, and could probably go back every year if he could. With it’s dwindling cliffs and white washed stone houses, it really…

3 February, 2016

Snowy Hovdala castle and archaeology memories

During last weekend I went off on a little excursion, to take some winter photos before this cold season ends. And that was apparently a good idea, because currently, its +5 degrees and the snow, which was lying so thick and beautiful, has melted…

31 January, 2016

Juicy spelt bread with dried fruit & nuts!

I have not photographed food for a while, other than the odd “food porn” for Instagram 😉  I tend to photograph food in a studio setting, with either a flash + soft-box or just natural light with some reflectors. This shoot was set up…

27 January, 2016

Is RAW really better than JPG??

Good question! Now, I am by no means an expert on the technical aspects of photography, but I discovered very quickly the obvious superiority of RAW over JPG (or JPEG, which is the same thing, just more letters 😉 ), when I bought my…

22 January, 2016

Frosty garden macro with phone camera 📱❄

Even during this time of year the garden is beautiful, in it’s own sad, dry & droopy kind of way! 😊 Nature is sleeping under a duvet of frost and dead leaves, just waiting for the warmth of the sun and the opportunity to…

18 January, 2016

Walking the dog, ehm the cat!

Winter has well and truly hit! Today it was roughly -14°c. ❄⛄ Those sort of temperatures tend to make the hairs in in my nose freeze to ice lol! It turns out at least one of the cats who occupie the house with us,…

17 January, 2016