Frosty garden macro with phone camera 📱❄

18 January, 2016

Even during this time of year the garden is beautiful, in it’s own sad, dry & droopy kind of way! 😊 Nature is sleeping under a duvet of frost and dead leaves, just waiting for the warmth of the sun and the opportunity to grow again! But spring is not arriving for a good while yet, still it’s not impossible to enjoy the garden or outdoors while we wait.
For theese pictures I used the macro- function on the Samsung 6, which has a great little camera when you’re on the go! Certainly the quality of the photos are much better than earlier models, although it depends on how you want to use them. For very large prints not so great, but for blogging etc they’re just fine. Sharpness is actually quite good, especially if thereis plenty of light. I don’t recommend doing any large amount of editing on phone-camera pictures though, as they quickly become blurry & pixelised.  On these I just adjusted the brightness and sharpness a little and added a mild filter.




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